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Evacuation and Reunification

What is the Tolt Dam Breach Evacuation Plan?

Each year all Riverview students in Carnation schools (Tolt Middle School, Carnation Elementary, and the Riverview Learning Center) participate in a Tolt Dam Evacuation Drill. Students learn how to safely evacuate campus by following the route to the evacuation site, which would be used in the unlikely event of a dam breach.


If there is an earthquake or citywide alarm, students and staff leave campus and walk up to the evacuation site. A school bus will transport students who are designated as medically fragile. Upon arrival at the site, there are containers with basic provisions and a first aid station. Students and staff practice procedures to be used in the event of a real dam breach.


Please note that families/local residents should not drive along the route or up the hill to collect students. If the building is evacuated, no staff will be available to answer telephones. 

Emergency Reunification

At Tolt Middle School, student safety is a primary concern. As part of our comprehensive emergency plan we have an established procedure to reunite students with families. This procedure is designed to ensure that students are safe until a parent/guardian arrives to pick them up. Key components are:


1. Family/student reunification will occur at the Tolt Middle School main office.
2. When you come to pick up your student, you may be asked to provide identification. This layer of detail is in place to ensure student safety.

**Please check with our Registrar (425-844-4607) to confirm and/or update who is authorized to pick up your
child from school.**

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