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Activities & Clubs

Activities & Clubs


Requirement(s) to participate in any activity: Purchase ASB Card through the Optional Fees tab in eFunds ($25)


If you are not registered as a Tolt Middle School student yet:

6th, 7th and 8th graders not attending Tolt Middle School who live within the Riverview School District boundaries must contact our registrar, Carmen Hobbs, to register as an ancillary student in order to participate in clubs/activities. Download the Ancillary Services Request hereAncillary status does not carry over, it must be renewed every school year.


ASB stands for Associated Student Body. This means we are a student government who represent the entire student body of Tolt Middle School. ASB members are a group of students who have been selected and elected to represent our school. We also organize special events, oversee student-raised funds, promote student enterprises, develop high standards of school spirit and loyalty, and much more!


ASB Constitution

ASB Administrator: Mike Ruhland

ASB Secretary: Erin Wallace

ASB Advisor: Wes Pierce

Dungeons and Dragons Group


Dungeons and Dragons Club. No experience necessary. Students can go on adventures and tell great stories with their friends. Students can play Magic: The Gathering too! 



  • Planning Games Session: Game Masters only (students who want to run the game)


  • First day of play (open to everyone who signs up)


Looking forward to great adventures!


Advisors: Mr. Del Rosso, Mrs. McKiernan, and Mr. McFarland


Tolt GSA


Tolt GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) is open to all Tolt Middle School students (grades 6-8) who are interested in spreading LGBTQ+ awareness. At meetings, we do art and other creative measures to make sure we are noticed and respected by everyone at our school!

Advisors: Mr. Del Rosso and Ms. Krufka



Math Team

Math Team is open to all Tolt Middle School students (grades 6-8) at all math levels who are interested in math enrichment and competition opportunities. The overall goal is to improve problem-solving skills, build friendships, have fun and make a positive difference in the community using math knowledge. There may be opportunities to participate in math competitions including solving challenging math problems independently as well as collaboratively.


  • Attend team meetings/practice sessions. Meetings take place on Tuesdays during Flexi Time.

  • Participate as part of the school team in the Riverview School District math competition.

  • Potential travel to regional competitions is available based on qualification and interest.

Team Advisor: Ms. Glover 






Music Programs


Beginning Band is for students who have never played an instrument. All grade levels of band students perform at least three evening concerts a year, and many enter an optional solo and small group festival.

Band at Tolt is an elective for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Tolt bands march in local parades, play at judged band festivals, assemblies, and combine with the high school to perform in the all-district concert.  In addition to band during the school day, before-school band programs include Jazz Band and Jazz Lab.  These bands play jazz and rock songs and perform at concerts.



TMS Choirs welcome all levels of musicianship and interest; from beginning vocalists, to mixed intermediate and advanced ensembles. 6th and 7th Grade choirs are introduced to all genres of vocal music while 8th grade choirs refine their musicianship and travel to competitive festivals in the spring. Jazz Choir/Vocal Jazz Ensemble is a before-school activity where all ages can join by auditioning with the director. Jazz Choir meets from 7:25-8:10AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from late October to early April.  All choirs participate in after school performances and optional solo and small group festivals. 

Choir at Tolt is an elective for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. The choir performs at concerts, assemblies and local celebrations where all students can showcase their talents.

Band Director: Mr. Stone 
Choir Director: Ms. Snavely 



NJHS: Tolt Middle School Chapter



Ms. Hutton

Ms. Ojeda


How do I join Tolt Middle School's National Junior Honor Society?


Interested students can apply for membership each spring.

The Application Process:

  • Interested students turn in a completed application to the advisor

  • The Faculty Council reviews discipline and academic records for all applicants

  • Faculty Council measures each applicant against four characteristics of NJHS

  • Faculty Council then votes on each application

  • Successful applicants are directed to attend a meeting for information about next steps, including required service projects

  • Applicants who complete service projects are invited to be inducted at a May or June ceremony.


When can I join NJHS?


Once each spring after the second quarter is complete.  This is the only time new members are welcomed.


What are the service (volunteering) requirements?


New members must complete two types of service projects. The first is the School Project that the advisor will set up.  All applicants must volunteer at this event to be inducted. The second type of service project must be planned by the applicants themselves and total six hours. (The advisor must approve this project ahead of time.)

Students who successfully complete the two types of volunteer projects and who are approved by the Faculty Council may be inducted in a May or June ceremony. The following year, members will have to attend monthly meetings and complete service projects.




TSA (Student Technology Association)


TSA is a technology leadership club where students complete technology projects in categories such as digital photography, video game design, structural engineering, STEM animation, coding, dragster, flight and many more. These projects are often done as individuals, or teams of 2-3. Students can take these projects to the State Competition in March, a fun overnight event in a hotel! 

ASB Card ($25) is required. Pay fees online through E-funds under optional fees. ASB Fee is paid, per year, per child.

TSA meets on Tuesdays after school, early October through mid-March in Mr. McFarland’s room (L911), from 3:00 to 4:30 PM. 

2024-2025 TSA Application (available fall 2024)

For more information see or email Mr. McFarland at  


PAWS Program

Positive Awesome Welcoming Students


Our PAWS (Positive Awesome Welcoming Students) Program offers leadership opportunities for 7th and 8th graders. PAWS leaders focus on student joy and connection while building relationships with TMS 6th graders through their first year at Tolt. 

Interested 6th and 7th graders apply in the spring.  


PAWS Advisors:

Ms. Relei

Ms. Brooks


Yarn Circle

Yarn Circle is open to all Tolt Middle School students (grades 6-8) who are interested in learning and practicing the arts with yarn and more! We crochet, knit, sew, and do fiber art while building friendships and connections with other Tolt students.

When: Tuesdays after school from September through May 

Where: Ms. Loewen’s classroom (L907)

Team Advisor: Ms. Loewen

Math Team
Yarn Circle
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