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To report your student absent or tardy,

email ​ or call 425-844-4606.

It is important students attend school consistently, only being absent for excused reasons like illness. Students with 3 unexcused absences will need to meet regarding attendance policies. For more information about excused and unexcused absences and tardies, please refer to Riverview Policy 3005-5

  • A parent or guardian must notify the Attendance office when their student will be absent or tardy, and include the reason for the absence. You can reach the Attendance office at, or 425-844-4606. If no communication is received from the parent or guardian, a student's absence/tardy will be marked as unexcused.

  • A Planned Absence of three (3) or more days (vacation, family time, etc.) should be communicated to the Attendance Office via a Planned Absence Form English | Spanish. The completed form can be provided electronically to, or in paper form to the Attendance Office.

  • From the District Attendance Policy, RSD Policy 3005-5, middle school students are afforded 8 vacation days in the school year that will be excused. Any vacation days beyond 8 days will be marked as unexcused.  

  • Make-up assignments can be requested if a student will be absent three or more days due to a health-related issue. A student or parent may contact the Attendance Office or reach out to teachers directly to arrange make-up assignments.

  • When students alter their transportation home (walking rather than riding the bus, etc.) you do not need to communicate this to the school.

Early Student Pick-up Procedure

If you need to pick up your student(s) early from school, please call our attendance office at 425-844-4606. Please allow enough time for the student to be retrieved from their classroom. You will need to come to the attendance office window in order to sign your student out of school. Only parents/guardians and emergency contacts listed in Skyward may sign students out early. If the student returns to class that day, they must also be signed back in by the parent/guardian or emergency contact.


*Please keep in mind that buses line up in the front parking area of the school 15 minutes prior to the end of the school day, so please plan accordingly.

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