To report your student absent or tardy,

email ​ or call 425-844-4606. 

  • A parent or guardian must notify the Attendance Office when their student will be absent or tardy. If no communication is received from home, a student’s absence/tardy will be coded as unexcused.

  • If a student requires early dismissal for medical or personal reasons, a parent or guardian should contact the Attendance Office as soon as possible, preferably no less than two hours before the early dismissal time. Tolt has approximately 675 students in multiple buildings and three different lunch periods - student retrieval can be challenging. Whenever appointments can be scheduled before or after school it is much less disruptive to students and teachers.

  • To pick up your student for early dismissal, please notify the Attendance office then meet the student at the flagpole in front of the school at the appropriate time; you will not need to sign them out. If the student returns to school after their appointment they must check themselves in at Attendance.

  • To notify your student of a change to their end-of-school transportation, please contact the Attendance Office at least two hours before the end of the day to allow for ample time for us to notify the student. Students picked up at the end of the school day should meet parents/guardians at the Parent Pick-up area in the back of the school.

  • A Pre-arranged absence of three (3) or more days (vacation, family time, etc.) should be communicated to the Attendance Office via a Planned Absence Form. The completed form can be provided electronically to, or in paper form to the Attendance Office.

  • Make-up assignments can be requested if a student will be absent three or more days due to a health-related issue. A student or parent may contact the Attendance Office or reach out to teachers directly to arrange make-up assignments.