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6th Grade Elective Courses


Debut Band (Year-long) 
This is a beginner-level band that teaches the basic elements of music playing skills and is an introduction to instrumental music. Most Debut Band students are learning to play their first musical instrument, but it is also an option for students with prior musical experience who have not played a band instrument. There is a $25 course fee to purchase a workbook and music. Financial assistance is available to cover the course fee and an instrument will be provided if you are unable to cover the cost of instrument rental.   


Concert Choir (Year-long) 

This ensemble introduces choral concepts as students learn to sing in an environment that fosters community and teaches them how to navigate their developing voices. Literature performed during the year will specifically cater to students’ vocal ranges and interests and will allow us to explore music from cultures around the world. No prior experience or ability to read music is required: this is the class to develop those skills! There is a $25 course fee to purchase a Choir Shirt, folder, and music. Financial assistance is available to cover this fee. 


Semester-long Courses   
Students who do not participate in band or choir will choose two semester-long courses designed to give students variety, help them discover areas of interest, and have experiences in different content areas. The four courses currently offered are: 


  • Art Exploration – Ready to grow your creativity and imagination? Students will explore a variety of materials, including clay, watercolor, pastel, and charcoal. Discover the visual arts and how to use them as an expressive form of communication. Become a maker through cartooning, collage, ceramics, print making (carving rubber blocks to make your own stamps), and more! Learn about the design process and create projects you'll be proud of and have fun making! 

  • Digital Design – People use technology to create amazing things! We will explore being both engineers and artists in this class. As engineers, we will code video games, 3D model, and design solutions to problems. As artists, we will use computers to do pixel art, animation, digital painting, and more. Then we can bring our work into the real world with laser cutters, a Cricut cutter, 3D printers, and a giant poster printer. Let’s make something great! 

  • Drama – Craft imaginary worlds, bring characters to life, and create memorable and meaningful moments. Through research, creative problem solving, and improvisation, students design and perform scenes that explore genres like science fiction, historical fiction, musicals, and more. Students will shape characters, create atmospheres, and develop key performance skills while integrating costume, light, and set design. Field trip opportunities will be explored to introduce students to live theatre. 

  • Makers Lab – Innovators are the minds behind many of today's technologies. They find new ways to turn imagination into reality. Students will be introduced to engineering concepts and the design process through creating with materials like cardboard, KEVA planks, K’nex, paper, and cloth. Explore building towers, race cars, arcade games, simple machines, and more!  

Cursos electivos de 6º grado

7th and 8th Grade Elective Courses


Elective options and course descriptions for 2024-2025 coming soon.

7/8th Grade Course Selection
6th Grade Course Selection
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