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Reminder: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tonight - Thursday, October 6th:

Arena-Style Conferences from 4:30-7 PM in the Tolt MPR

All parents and guardians are welcome to attend our arena-style conferences during the evening of Thursday, October 6th. Just show up--no need to sign up in advance. Teachers will keep conversations around 5 minutes so they can talk with all their families. Since conferences will end on time, please arrive early enough to have plenty of time to both wait in line and talk with your student's teachers. Interpreting services will be available.

Tomorrow - Friday, October 7th:

Online via Teams or Phone Call from 8-11AM and 12-3PM

Parents and guardians sign up in advance for conferences with any of their student’s teachers or their counselor.

When you sign up, you will have the option of choosing a conference either via Microsoft Teams or a phone call. If you choose a conference via Microsoft Teams, on the day of your scheduled conference, please click on the link in the confirmation email you will receive after you sign up at the start time of the conference. If you choose a conference over the phone, the teacher or counselor will call you at the designated time using the number you include when you sign up.

Because conferences are scheduled to start every 10 minutes, the teacher will end each conference so they can be on time for their next conference. You can anticipate having around 5 minutes for each conference.

If you do not know the names of your student’s teachers, you can check in Skyward Family Access under the schedule tab.

Attending conferences is optional for parents and guardians. Furthermore, you may choose to only conference with some of your student’s teachers. Our staff is always willing to talk with parents and guardians if you ever think it would be helpful for your student(s).

Note that our students will not attend school on Friday, October 7 as teachers will be in conferences.

Making it a priority to attend conferences is a great way to get personalized feedback about how your student is doing at Tolt. We hope to see you at our conferences!

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