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Fire Drill at Tolt Middle School

Yesterday, at approximately 10:30AM, students and staff participated in a Fire Drill here at Tolt. All students were evacuated from the school buildings, assembled by class and accounted for. Had this been an actual event, information on the status and location of your student would be relayed though multiple channels; text, website, social media, and email.

Please remember during an emergency:

  • Parents should not come to the school site. Roads and parking lots need to be kept clear for Law Enforcement and other emergency vehicles.

  • A formal release of students will take place once they are safe and accounted for.

  • Reunification information will be broadcast as soon as a secure site is established.

  • A formal release requires that only designated guardian(s) or those listed as the Emergency Contact arrive at the reunification site with legal identification and proceed in an orderly fashion to request/retrieve the student.


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