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Ethnicity/Race & Military Family Verification

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The Ethnicity/Race and Military Family for the 2021-22 school year is now open and will close Friday, January 21, 2022 Please note the following for completing this process via Skyward Family Access for each student in your family:

*Step 1: Ethnicity/Race Verification -- Recently, the federal government and OSPI changed the reporting categories for student ethnic and race data. As a result of the new reporting categories, you are being asked to identify your student as either Hispanic/Latino or not Hispanic/Latino and by one or more racial groups. Must be completed for each student in your family. *Step 2: Military Family Verification -- Must be completed annually for each student in your family. *Step 3: Complete/submit the verification.

1. To begin, login to Family Access.* If you don’t know your login credentials, contact BUILDING REGISTRAR at phone, email. 2. Click on the link in the middle of the screen or the tab on the left to start the verification process; click Next to “Verify Ethnicity/Race”; click Continue and make the appropriate selections; choose the write-in option ONLY if your student’s race is not listed within the category; click Complete Step 1 Only. 3. Go to “Verify Military Family”; make the appropriate selection and click Complete Step 2 Only. 4. Go to “Complete Ethnicity/Race & Military Family Verification”; confirm Steps 1 and 2 are complete. 5. Finally, click on Submit Race/Ethnicity & Military Family Verification. 6. Repeat this process for each student in your family. *The verification process cannot be completed through the Family Access mobile app. However, within the app, you can tap your profile icon and select Go to Desktop View to complete the process on your mobile device. Please contact our BUILDING REGISTRAR via phone or email with questions: Kim Piira 425-844-4607, Thank you for helping us keep your student's information current.

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