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2022-23 Course Selection

This week, all students will receive course selection information for the 2022-23 school year.

Tolt Middle School counselors will visit 6th grade social studies classes on Tuesday, March 8, and they will visit 7th grade social studies classes on Wednesday, March 9. During this time, students will learn about courses for next year and receive a course selection form. Course selection forms will require a parent/guardian signature and be due one week later when our TMS counselors return to social studies classes to help students enter their course selections into Skyward.

Here are our elective options and the course selection forms, and here is information about our language arts and math options. Families are encouraged to start talking with their students now about the courses they will select for next year. Courses will not be able to be changed later as our master schedule will be built based on the courses students select this month. Therefore, it is important courses are thoughtfully selected.

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