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Activity Bus (Sports & Clubs)

Sports Bus (for students in sports only)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday during sports season except for competition days

5:00PM - departs TMS
5:10PM - stops at Stillwater Elementary
5:15PM - stops at CHS
5:20PM - stops at 2nd & Stephens

5:25PM - stops at ESC/Duvall Library

Club Bus (for students attending clubs only)

Tuesdays through May 30, 2023

4:45PM - departs TMS

4:55PM - stops at Stillwater Elementary
5:00PM - stops at CHS
5:05PM - stops at 2nd & Stephens

5:10PM - stops at ESC/Duvall Library

The daily sports and club bus schedule is available on the TMS website calendar.

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