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Counseling Center



Carrie Diligencia, Counselor - Last Names A-K 425-844-4608

Tim Suchsland, Counselor - Last Names L-Z 425-844-4609


Kim Piira, Registrar/Counseling Center Secretary 425-844-4607

The middle years are a time of great change, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. TMS counselors are here to help students make a successful transition from elementary school to middle school and middle school to high school. Students and parents are encouraged to seek out counselors to help with personal, social, educational, and vocational plans or problems. Every student at TMS is unique and valued. We believe in providing support so each individual can reach her/his potential. TMS Counselors assist students in the following ways:

Personal/Social Development

  • Offering support through personal challenges and tough times.

  • Providing confidential individual and/or group counseling.

  • Offering referrals for off-campus information and services.

  • Supporting student's changes in attitude and behavior.

  • Assisting with family and friend challenges.

Career Development

  • Helping students identify and maximize their strengths.

  • Providing information about opportunities that will enhance and enrich their educational and career goals.

  • Identifying career goals, and opportunities to achieve those goals.

  • Guiding students toward future education and training opportunities.

Academic Development

  • Assisting students with course selection.

  • Offering suggestions to help students succeed academically.

  • Teaching students how to effectively communicate with teachers.

  • Supporting students to self-advocate and grow academically.


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